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How to Make Your Electric Scooter Faster

Getting an electric scooter has some clear-cut benefits, along with a guaranteed fun experience. There are still many people around us who consider them to be toys, and they need to be corrected. Well, these machines are actually advanced transportation vehicles that can bring ease to your life.

You just need to remember to charge it every night, and that’s the only care it requires. You will be able to go to your workplace, study place, or even on a short trip with style. 

There are various models of these kick scooters scattered in the market. Some of them are fast enough to reach a max speed of 90 km per hour and powerful enough to overcome the steepness of big hills.

electric scooter speedometer

Just a decade back, nobody knew what they were, and now their popularity has reached peak levels all around the globe. It is all due to the fact that they provide striking advantages to people who seek a convenient and cost-effective way to move around the city.

They are indeed an environmentally friendly, cheap, and reliable way of mobility, although not the fastest. Their build prevents them from letting you feel the rush of the winds. Still, there are plenty of ways through which you can make your electric scooter faster and enhance its performance. 

Let’s dive into our tips to increase speed:

Fastest Scooters On The Market

The Need for Electric Scooters

In our dangerously polluted cities, the more combustion vehicles are introduced, the more the level of pollution rises. We are in dire need of a transportation alternative to help save the atmosphere we live in, before the environmental damage becomes irreversible.

Electric scooters are one way to do that. They are powered by electricity, allowing you to bring the change we need with style. Although there are some models that are powered by gas and move faster, the electric ones are still the most popular, and convenient.

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The cool thing about electric scooters is that you never need to park them as you do with your regular bikes. During your local errands, if you happen to visit the shopping mall, you can just take it inside with you. How impressive is that? It is undoubtedly a lovely way to move around.

Furthermore, they are arguably one of the cheapest ways of transporting, and almost anyone can afford a budget scooter. The maintenance cost is almost negligible, and the only “fuel” it will consume is some electricity. The cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean that e-scooters are not efficient enough. In the present time, people prefer them as a means for local transportation, because of their effectiveness in covering short stretches in a hassle-free manner.

How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go? 

They are indeed an ideal mode of transport, with the only drawback (of the cheaper models) being their slow speed. An electric scooter is designed to be comfy, portable, and lightweight; however, they are not designed to race. We can say that they are a closer relative of a bicycle, rather than a motorbike.

scooter top speed

Its sluggish pace is due to its weak motor in conjunction with the battery that does not have the potential to drag the rider around at a high speed. You cannot hope to buy an escooter and expect it to rival the top speed of a regular motorbike (Unless you have a Zero 10x scooter). Therefore, it’s a feasible way to move within a local area, but not so much for long distances.

Even knowing these facts, some people want to push the limits of these machines. And, in order to do so, they are willing to change or upgrade any part. 

The maximum speed limit may vary from model to model. A regular electric powered scooter can reach up to a maximum speed of 15 to 20 mph. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is faster than a bicycle.

How fast kick scooters can go also depends on the model. The latest ones can double the speed, but they come at a wallet-emptying price.

Some modern budget electric scooters have the potential to reach a mind-blowing speed of 40 mph; for a better understanding, let us tell you that it is actually double the speed of a person on a bicycle. Moreover, it even rivals the speed of motorbikes to some extent.

Tips to Increase the Speed of Electric Scooters

Even after testing their top-speed, some people are not satisfied. They want to take it even further as for them, this speed might not be fast enough. For these unsatisfied people, the information that we’ve accumulated might help to upgrade their scooters and enrich their riding experience. Here are a few reliable and handy tips that you can use to increase the speed:

1) Remove the Speed Limiter

Your electric scooter has the potential to reach a higher top speed, but you might not even be aware of it, because there is a speed limiter embedded in the system. Its presence raises some eyebrows, and you must be wondering why it is there. Well, the manufacturers throw in the limiter due to the fact that, in most countries, there are laws that prohibit the scooters to reach a high speed.

Zero 10x Display Under Sunlight

In layman’s terms, the limiter does not allow the motor to work at its full capacity. In order to increase the top speed, you must get rid of this boundary put in by the manufacturers.

Each scooter is different and may need a different approach, but in general, if the driving motor is a DC motor then you need to look for the sensor on the transmission system of the driving wheel. It could be a small device showing how fast the driving wheel is rotating and signal the processor to limit the maximum speed.

Removing the limiter is not a very hard job. To get it done, you must understand the principle of how the speed restriction works. The scooter is embedded with sensors that estimate the cumulative speed of the pedals and drive. Speed limiters operate through electronic sensors and the motor computer. It then sends those signals to the computer, which then limits the motor’s output to maintain a lower speed.

Our job is to “confuse” the computer to think that we are traveling at a low speed while being at a higher speed. To do that, you just need to place an electronic device between the sensor and the computer, or by altering the magnet present in the sensor. The change will prevent the sensor from reading the correct speed, thus generating false readings. Even moving at a higher rate, the sensor will think that you are still moving at a sluggish pace, and it will stop restricting the motor.

With the restriction removed, the motor will start to work at its full capacity. Ultimately, the absence of the speed limiter will make an electric scooter faster.

But beware:

Removing the limiter puts you at a higher risk of getting hurt. It will also drain your scooter’s battery faster.

Now, if the electric scooter is built with a DC brushless motor then the speed limit is achieved through the oscillator. In this case, in order to remove it, you have to go into the software.

Which brings me to the next point:

2) Upgrade the Firmware

Some scooters have had their original firmware modified by users. You can download that modified version in order to increase the speed of your scooter. This method works by increasing the constant power of your motor, giving you more torque and higher top speed. It is only available for a few scooters though, like the Xiaomi m365 (Pro and basic) and Ninebot Max.

electric scooter firmware update

A word of caution:

If you live in areas with a hot climate, always keep an eye on your scooter’s temperature through the app. Increasing the motor’s constant power also increases the temperature of the scooter and that can be a problem during the summer months especially if you are pushing the scooter to its limits during steep slopes.

3) Upgrade the Current Battery

The battery and motor power decide how much faster the scooter can go. The batteries are available in the range of 24 to 48 volts, depending on the model. In most of the units, the 24 volts battery is utilized. What you can do is just replace the battery with a stronger option. A powerful battery will provide a stronger charge to help push the vehicle. It may sound trouble-free; however, it is a very complicated process, and hundreds of things could go wrong.

close up photo of batteries

Even if the battery gets replaced, there is no telling if the scooter will move faster or get burnt. It all depends on the controller mechanism, which decides how much electricity should feed the motor. For instance, if you replace the 24 with a 48 volts battery, there is a chance that the controller will overload and get burnt.

Now, how can this issue be resolved? Well, there are two ways you can use to achieve a faster working scooter. Firstly, you can simply get rid of the controller by connecting the battery to the motor directly. Secondly, you can re-program the device to feed a larger voltage to the engine.

But remember this:

This method might prove disastrous to your scooter. There is a chance that you might overheat the controller and end up losing the whole vehicle in the hope of getting a faster one. You need technical knowledge to pull this one off.

3) Add an Extra Battery

You must have noticed that during the start of your ride, your scooter can run faster than at the end of the ride. This is perfectly normal and happens when the battery gets depleted.

By simply adding a supplementary battery, you can maintain the top speed for longer periods. Some models have a slot to hold the extra battery. You can simply connect the two batteries together, and let them provide your scooter with immense energy.  

Having two batteries also lets you mess with the scooter’s firmware more easily adding more torque and top speed.

electric scooter battery

Good news:

This is a much safer option than the previous one, as you are not messing with your current battery. You are simply adding an extra one providing more resources to your vehicle.


The modifications might come with some drawbacks, including the increased weight of the vehicle. There is a fair chance that the extra weight might make it harder to carry your scooter around. Moreover, it will also require more time to get your scooter fully charged.

4) Adding Two Additional Batteries 

The thought might never have crossed your mind, but it is possible. You can add two additional batteries to get yourself an electric scooter that’ll run a long-distance even faster, without needing to be recharged. Adding the second one will be trickier than the first. It will be hard to connect all of them together and make room for the third one.



The three-battery system will add a good amount of weight. There will be a lot of stress on the suspension area as well. Therefore, you should think if you really need to add two extra batteries.

5) Changing Sprockets

e scooter sprockets

One more thing you can try to get more miles per hour is altering the size of the sprocket. Put the shorter sprockets at the rear, and change the front ones to longer-sized sprockets. With this simple trick, you might get some increased speed.

Moreover, you can achieve this modification without spending a fortune, as you can buy sprockets at a reasonable price.

I tell you what though, you need to have some minimal knowledge in order to do this yourself.

6) Rewinding the Motor

There are a number of reasons why you would need to rewind a motor. The rewinding can help in the case of an overheated motor, which can cause a short in the coils. You can also increase the number of windings for better torque. Moreover, by reducing the number of windings in the coils of a motor, you would reduce the torque and turn it to a higher RPM. This method is widely adopted since it works effectively to increase the speed of an electric scooter.

electric scooter motor

Needless to say, you would need to hire a professional to do this task for you, as it is pretty complicated. A single mistake in the winding of the coils can create a series of short circuits that will wreck your motor. Therefore, get yourself a pair of professional helping hands. It might cost you a little, but it would be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these questions might have crossed your mind. Let’s try to address them.

Is it safe to remove the speed limiter?

tier electric scooter 1

You might think of the limiter as a nemesis of high speed. Although it sounds right, you need to understand that there is a reason why it is put there. There are laws in place for driving a scooter faster than the speed limit. You might get into trouble if you are caught over-speeding.

All of the scooters have a different wattage which they normally operate on, and a higher, peak wattage which they only reach when needed (during a steep slope for example). If you change your scooter to always run on peak wattage, you risk overheating your vehicle.

You also need to take into account that each scooter is built with certain specifications in mind. The Xiaomi m365, for example, is built to reach a top speed of 20-25km/h. You can always alter the firmware and increase the top speed to 32-33km/h but the scooter wasn’t made for this. The brakes will underperform at that speed, and the stem might wobble more than it should. Therefore, take your precautions if you decide to overclock your e-scooter.

Is it worth it to add an extra battery?

Adding an additional battery will give you a higher maximum velocity. It can also let you drive your scooter at its top speed for a longer period of time. However, the extra weight can take its toll as well. It is certainly worth it if you are interested in increasing your scooter’s performance, and don’t care too much about the added weight.


An electric scooter is designed to take you to your destination comfortably, but at a slower pace in comparison to motorbikes. You can still push its limits by using the aforementioned tested tricks if you want to gain some extra miles per hour. Some of these methods are critically unsafe, and you’d be putting yourself and your scooter at risk if you opt for them. We would recommend you to be extra cautious while getting these changes done, and remember that no amount of speed is worth getting into a fatal accident.

Always use protective gear!

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  2. Ciao Matthew, I have an Aerlang H6 V2 500w 48v 17.5a electric scooter. I want it to reach top speed to a little more over than 45km. What do I need to do to make that happen? Do I have to change the speed controller, motor and battery? I would like to keep the battery and motor. Thank you in advance!

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