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Hiboy s2 review

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Review

Hiboy S2  is an e-scooter that can satisfy your urban transportation needs. It has a speed of 18.6 mp/h (30 km/h) and can last for up to 17 miles (27 km). It comes equipped with solid, rubber tires. This practically means that you will never have to worry about puncturing your tires. There’s a certain peace of mind when having solid tires where there is no risk of having to deal with flats, which I love. 


What we liked:
Design looks modern and minimal
Performance is on par with price tag
Dashboard look great, thanks to the screen
What we didn't like:
Would have preferred 10-inch tires
Check current price on:

This scooter can also handle rough roads thanks to its Rear Shock Absorber system. However, if you live in an area with extremely bumpy or uneven roads you might want to look at a scooter with air tires, or front and back suspension.

hiboy s2 suspension
Hiboy S2 Rear Suspension

That’s because solid tires are not able to absorb road vibrations nearly as good as air tires, or a full suspension system.

Ok, now let’s dive in and see what this electric-powered piece of machinery has to offer.

The Hiboy S2 is a well built electric scooter that feels premium, especially considering the low price. Its acceleration feels strong and the regenerative brakes work as they should. Nighttime riding is a pleasure, as this scooter has a plethora of lights on it. Front white headlight, red lights below the deck, and red brake lights at the rear end of the vehicle.

You can pair your scooter with your smartphone, using the Hiboy app which gives you important information about your scooter (battery health, current firmware, etc). Through the app you can also:

  • Have speed and cruise control
  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Lock the scooter

At 28.5 lbs (13 kg), the S2 is a light scooter that can be easily carried. The Hiboy S2 gives you the option to install a seat (which you have buy, as it is not included in the package), or you can buy the Hiboy H2s which is exactly the same scooter, but with the seat already configured.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Overview:

Table of Contents:
    Max speed: 18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)
    Max range: 17 miles (27 km)
    Motor: 350W electric brushless hub motor
    Digital dashboard: Yes
    Max Load: Up to 260 lbs
    Foldable: Yes
    Lights: Front, Rear, Brake and Sidelights 
    App integration: Hiboy App 

    Hiboy S2 Build Quality

    Hiboy is a new company and we’ve heard great things about overall quality but more about customer support. 

    The build of the frame is aluminum, and the tires are 8.5′, solid rubber.


    The design is made with portability as a main factor. Hiboy e-scooter folds for easy storage in the trunk of your car, your home’s wardrobes or below your train seats. You can also buy a detachable seat which is available for more comfortable riding experience. The seat itself is height and tilt adjustable and very well padded. It is not absolutely necessary, though it is quite comfortable to sit and scoot and somehow the ride is even smoother with the seat! It’s a great option for older folks or those who have trouble standing for long periods of time.

    hiboy s2s seat



    hiboy s2 dashboard

    The very pretty, colorful screen is a great stylistic addition. The screen shows current speed, remaining power, and low/high-speed modes. Below the screen, lies the one and only button of the scooter. Everything is controlled by a single button on the dashboard.

    E-Scooter One Button Functions:

    • One tap – turn on/off the front and rear lights.
    • Two taps -Switch to Comfort Mode(Green S)/Sport Mode(Red S)
    • Three taps – turn on/off the middle light.

    Hiboy S2 Performance


    The S2 is not the fastest scooter out there (It will max out at 30 km/m or 18.6 mph), but it’s on par with all the other mid-range scooters. Depending on your weight, the max speed could be lower. According to Hiboy’s website, the max load of S2 is 260lbs. This max speed is more than enough for urban transportation. More speed would require even bigger wheels and even bigger disc brakes. Therefore, you would have to pay double the price. So, taking these into consideration, we shouldn’t complain about speed. Speed mode is controlled by your dashboard button:

    • Two taps -Switch to Comfort Mode(Green S)/Sport Mode(Red S)

    Hiboy S2 Battery

    The batteries are Lithium-Ion batteries, 36 V, 7.5 Ah.


    The range limit of the scooter is 17 miles or 27km. Much of this is dependent on the way you treat your scooter. Your weight, in combination with your average riding trip, are the most important factors that determine how much your scooter will last. Your scooter’s overall battery health also depends on if you’re charging it the right way. It’s always good practice to check before your trips,  how much battery life your scooter left has to ensure that it won’t die and leave you hanging, mid-trip. 

    Regenerative Battery

    Hiboy 2s comes with Regenerative braking. What this basically means is that whenever you’re riding your scooter in a downhill road, the scooter will charge itself and gain battery. Be careful not to use your scooter for long downhill rides, while the battery is at 100% because you may damage them.

    Hiboy S2 Road Safety

    Brakes / Suspension

    The brakes of this scooter are a strong point. It features a double braking system with 2 high-performance 110mm disc brakes. The eABS technology ensures that your wheel won’t lock during a sudden brake. The rear shock absorber, which acts as a suspension works wonders at smoothing out the riding experience and can be simply tightened or loosed by a wrench for a customized, perfect riding experience.

    Given the fact that the tires are solid, I was expecting every single bump in the road to be felt up in my spine, however, I was very pleasantly surprised by this unit. 

    Led Lights

    Riding your scooter at night? No need to worry, as this scooter comes equipped with led lights in 3 different locations. Front white headlight, red lights below the deck, and red brake lights at the rear end of the vehicle. Brake lights are only used when you brake, but front and deck lights are controlled by your dashboard. More specifically:

    • One tap – turn on/off the front light.
    • Three taps – turn on/off the middle light.


    Unfortunately, Hiboy 2s is not waterproof. You could use your scooter in light rain (it’s best to cover the dashboard), but at moderate or even heavy rain, I would advise against doing so.

    Hiboy S2 Connectivity

    sHiboy scooters can be easily connected to the Hiboy mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS. The application is a nice touch. It allows you to turn the front and back light on and off, check battery levels and set cruise control settings. It allows you to lock the scooter but, obviously this does not stop someone from simply picking it up and walking away so be careful and use the feature wisely.

    hiboy s2 app
    Main screen of the app
    hiboy s2 app
    Details screen with info about your mileage/battery/firmware
    hiboy s2 app
    Settings screen for cruise control and other modes

    What We Really Liked About This Scooter

    Compared to other scooters in the mid-range category, Hiboy S2 stands out for the following things:

    • Plenty of lights
    • Double Disc Braking with eABS Technology
    • Easy Connection With It’s Native Android/iOS App
    • Excellent Customer Service

    To quote a Reddit member who shared his experience with Hiboy customer support:

    I then bought the Hiboy S2 scooter from Amazon and I am very happy with it in spite of the rear fender breaking a couple of times. This scooter has solid rubber tires with some perforations in them to soften the ride. It also has a rear spring suspension which adds to the weight but further softens the ride. Hiboy sent me 2 replacements fenders at no cost at all, of the same design, and will have an improved rear fender available next month, which they also promised to send to me at no charge. Their support seems to be excellent. The Hiboy iPhone app is also much better than the Swagtron app. I would definitely buy this scooter again.


    Which brings us to the next point:

    What We Didn’t Like About The Scooter

    Compared to other scooters in the mid-range category, Hiboy S2 lacks in the following departments:

    • The Rear Fender Of The First Batches Was Sensitive And Easy To Break (however, for the past months they have been manufactured with a much more durable rear fender)
    • Long Charging Time (5 Hrs from completely empty to full)


    All in all, this is an excellent scooter. Sure, one could ask for wider wheels, dual motors, 50-mile range and higher torque. BUT, you’ll be paying more than three times the price. Do you need to? It is up to you and your use case, however for the price of a low mid-range smartphone, you get a very solid and capable vehicle for those fast and clean inner-city commutes.

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