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Zero 10x Review: The Ultimate Scooter?

Have you ever found yourself in need of more power, torque, and range? I know the feeling.

If you’ve been riding a Xiaomi m365, a Hiboy S2 or a same-tier scooter and thought you were having an enjoyable experience, wait until you try the Zero.

Zero 10x Review



The Zero 10x is an amazing scooter both for urban and off-road use. The core value of the specs along with the brand reputation of Zero, make this scooter one of the best value for money high-performance scooters.

What We Like
  • Astonishing top speed of 73 km / h
  • Up to 95 kilometers range
  • Key switch with circuit breaker (Anti-theft)
  • Complete electric, colorful display
What We Didn’t Like
  • Having the lights on the deck
  • At 80lbs (36kg), it might be heavy for some riders to carry.
  • A full recharge takes 10 hours

In this article, we’re going to review the Zero 10x.

An electric scooter that is much larger than your average scooter. It goes up to 45mp/h (73km/h), with a range of 35-60 miles (55-95 kilometers), depending on the scooter version you buy. It has a motor on both wheels (dual motor scooter), and suspension on the front and back as well.

Let’s see why it is considered one of the best scooters on the market:



The Zero 10x stands out one of the most powerful motors in this price range. It also offers large 10-inch tires, which provide a comfortable ride. The 10x features dual motors (on both the front and back wheels) providing an astonishing power output of 2000W and a peak power output of 3200W

What makes this so special?

Well, to give you an idea the Xiaomi M365 has a single motor of 500W. You can now imagine how much torque and speed can 2 motors produce at 3200W.

If you have no previous experience with e-scooters or you are thinking about upgrading from something mild like a Segway Es4, remember:

The Zero 10x will blow your mind away. You can toggle between ECO and TURBO mode.

The trick is to start with the lowest setting, which is the ECO mode and a single motor engaged (keep reading for more info on how to change those settings).

I can’t stress this enough.

Even with the scooter in ECO mode and only one motor engaged, you will take off.  The power you experience, even at the lowest settings is just insane. 

Now, the Zero 10x comes in three versions. The top speed, as well as the range, depends on the version that you buy:

  • 52V 18Ah LG Battery, Top-Speed: 38mph (60km)
  • 52V 24Ah LG Battery, Top-Speed: 38mph (60km)
  • 60V 21Ah LG Battery, Top-Speed: 45mph (73km)


As we saw above, the range depends on the specifications of your scooter:

  • 52V 18Ah LG Battery, Range: 38mph (60km)
  • 52V 24Ah LG Battery, Range: 60mph (95km)
  • 60V 21Ah LG Battery, Range: 50mph (80km)

I tell you what though, these numbers will only be accomplished when using the scooter in the ECO mode and on a surface that is not bumpy. It also greatly depends on your weight.

Riding on ECO mode is able to give you about twice the range compared to riding on turbo mode.

Good news:

ECO mode is probably all you will ever need. For urban transportation, chances are you won’t even need to use anything else other than the ECO mode. The scooter is so powerful, that it will get you through just fine.

You will rarely find yourself exploring the more powerful settings.

Single / Dual Motor

You are also given the ability to engage a single motor, or both motors using the dual-motor drive. Riding with a single motor will give you a smaller acceleration, but as a result, it will extend your battery life

On the contrary, riding with the dual-motor option you have a much faster (almost scary) acceleration, that is much better suited for off-road riding or for climbing steep incline roads. It can handle slopes of up to 35 degrees.

Zero 10x Riding Modes

Now, if you don’t need to max out the huge range that this scooter provides, I would suggest using the dual-motor option, as it distributes the strain evenly across both motors. 

What does that mean?

That the wear and tear will be less and therefore, the life expectancy of your Zero 10x will be higher.


Having said that, the Zero 10x is an amazing scooter for off-roading. If you are serious about that kind of use though, you can buy the off-road tires which are made specifically for rough use.

But first a warning:

The tire change does take some time and effort given that you have to remove the motors from each wheel. But, if you are a handyman you will find this process fun and engaging.

Here’s a video that can help you out. This video is about changing a flat tire, but the process is the same. You just install the off-road tires.

Now, since we are still in the range section, let’s get this out of the way. 

The duration of the charge is enormous. For the full charge, meaning 0 to 100% it will take about 10 hours.

The fact is that you will almost never ride long enough to deplete your battery fully. Most of the times your scooter will only drop to about 70% or 60% and that’s with heavy use. Therefore the real-world charging times are more like 3 to 4 hours.

Let’s say though, that you are a heavy user of the Zero 10x and manage to drain the whole battery every day. Do you have to wait 10 hours to fully charge it? Not really, no.

The cool thing is, that the scooter comes equipped with two charging ports. If you occupy both ports, you can drastically reduce your 0-100% charging times from 10 hours to 5 hours.

Obviously, the Zero 10x comes gets shipped with one charger. That means that you have to buy the extra charger

Even though additional chargers always cost an arm and a leg, the Zero 10x extra charger costs way less.

So it depends on how much you value being able to cut the charging times at half and also having a spare charger.

Brakes / Suspension

The Zero 10x offers dual mechanical disc brakes. The discs are massive, at 160mm. This means that the efficiency of braking is much better and the time it takes your Zero 10x to fully stop is much lower. The brakes are of high quality and require no adjustments out of the box.

Zero 10x Brakes

They couldn’t be of lesser quality though, as this beast scooter can reach very high speeds and safety is number one.

In independent braking tests made by users, it was found that the brakes are capable of bringing this beast to a halt in only 16 feet or 5 meters, having developed a speed of 15mp/h or 24 km/h.

Zero 10x Braking Time

In combination with the robust tires which measure 10×3, you won’t have to worry about the braking efficiency of your scooter.

You’re probably thinking: 

“Aren’t hydraulic disc brakes better?” 

They sure are, but you won’t ever get them on any electric scooter of this price range.

Earlier we talked about off-roading. How does the Zero 10x handle it?

Like a beast! 

Off-roading provides a lot of fun and zero anxiety (maybe that’s why they call it Zero?). 

This is mostly thanks to the phenomenal dual-suspension which handles all kinds of terrain.

With the front and rear, spring hydraulic suspensions you will be able to ride bumpy trails, gravel and even make jumps (not advisable). 

Now, it is possible to adjust the suspensions according to your liking. For some, they appear too soft while for others they are just perfect. It all depends on the use you’re planning on doing.

As a rule of thumb, the higher speeds you develop, the stiffer you want the suspension to be.

Soft suspensions are able to absorb more shocks and bumpier terrains but they don’t do well with high speeds. So make your choice:
Flat roads + high speeds = Stiff suspensions
Bumpy terrain + medium speeds = Soft suspensions

For a mix of both, keep in the middle.


You have probably seen plenty of photographs of this scooter, online. You have probably also read the specs many times and have a general sense of how it feels or how big it is.


The immediate reaction of almost anyone who opens the shipping box and takes a first look is “Holy crap!”

It’s a colossal scooter that, on first sight is extremely impressive.

Being almost four times bigger than normal scooters, it makes the rest of the scooters look tiny and weak. 

The base of the scooter is wide and long, giving you a big area to plant your feet on and have a steady stance. It is a perfect scooter for tall riders who have a hard time with low-end scooters.

Zero 10x Wide Deck

Another great thing is that it ships almost ready to use. It requires minimal assembly.

You just have to attach the handlebars, adjust the “cockpit” instruments (display, throttle) to your liking and secure the stem.


This is not a scooter that you buy with portability in mind, due to its big size and weight. 

Thankfully it is foldable at the handlebars and despite the chunky size, it folds in no time.

When folded it can easily fit into the trunk of almost any car. As for public transport: Well, not so easy. The wide handlebar, combined with the big size of the scooter makes it hard for it to fit under a bus or metro seat. 

Zero 10x Foldable Handlebar

If you still need your scooter to take less space, you can install the folding handlebars, which will make the size of your scooter considerably smaller, when folded.

I tell you what though.

Having a scooter like the Zero 10x, you probably won’t ever step a foot inside a bus or metro because. Considering the huge range and amazing riding comfort, you can use this scooter for long-mile rides.

As for storing it at work, you will more likely be able to secure it under your office desk or in the garage.


The dashboard of Zero 10x is minimal yet impressive. It sports 2 stylish OLED displays that offer a big amount of functionality and information. The first screen is a colored dashboard which is also great under direct sunlight. It gives you the following data:

  • Your current speed (Speedometer)
  • The total mileage (Odometer)
  • The battery life
  • Your riding mode (Turbo/ECO and SIngle/Dual motor engagement)
  • Cruise control
Zero 10x Dashboard

The great thing about the colored display is that is visible under direct sunlight. You won’t have a hard time looking at your dashboard even during the sunniest days.

Zero 10x Display Under Sunlight

The second screen, located below the main one, shows the voltage of the battery. Pretty useful, as there are many times when you need to monitor the voltage of your battery.

Zero 10x Volt Display

Security / Theft Protection

Another great benefit of Zero 10x is that it provides a key switch with a circuit breaker

It is located under the dashboard and turns the scooter on and off. 

However, I would advise against leaving your scooter outside for long periods of time, and if you do, make sure to lock it with a combination of high-quality locks. Keep in mind that if you get a good rating kryptonite lock (like the one in the above link), you can get it insured online and if the lock is broken, they’ll cover the costs! More on this here.

Otherwise, thieves can just pick up your scooter, put it inside their van and run away.


This is a pretty heavy scooter, and you need to know this if portability is an important factor for you. It weighs just about 80lbs (36kg)

I don’t really know if we can call this a con of the scooter, as you can’t really find any scooter with this kind of performance, weighing any less. The big range of the scooter is thanks to the big battery unit, and the amazing performance is owed to the double 1000 watt motors

Therefore you kind of have to choose between amazing performance and portability.

Now that isn’t to say that the Zero 10x can’t be lifted and carried. You just have to be fit



The Zero 10x features a plethora of lights. Both the front and the rear lights are located on the base of the scooter.

Most scooters have their front lights on the column, and that is the right thing to do in my opinion, as they illuminate the road a whole lot more.

Therefore, one weak point of this scooter is the lights. By having them on the platform, they don’t really provide a lot of visual assistance during the night. If you use your scooter a lot at nights, I would suggest for your own safety and clarity to invest in an additional LED light, which you can add to the handlebars.

After installing the extra LED light, you can expect results like these:

Zero 10x Extra Headlights


The Zero 10X comes equipped with a bell mounted on the handlebars. I would strongly advise you to get used to using it when needed because the scooter is totally silent and can go very fast. People will not notice you unless they hear you.


This is a perfect scooter for the heavy people out there. It can support up to 330lbs (150kg) and perform amazingly well, even during big slopes. Now you don’t have to be heavy to “exploit” the load capacity. The 330lbs limit along with the long and wide deck also means that it could handle two normal-sized people with ease (However we strongly discourage you from doing so as it is very dangerous).

Who should buy Zero 10x

Are you a speed enthusiast looking to take your scooting to a whole new level? Are you interested in traveling for miles and miles on a single charge? Speed, smooth rides and safety are all the things that make the Zero 10x a luxurious, high-end electric scooter.

Zero 10x is suitable for someone who:

  • Is interested in a high-performance scooter
  • Plans to use the scooter for off-roading as well on urban use
  • Is heavy and needs a scooter who can perform well under load
  • Doesn’t want to spend time tuning the different bits. Zero 10x comes almost fully assembled out of the box, and ready to use

Due to the strong nature of Zero 10x, you MUST buy a helmet along with the scooter. If you can only purchase one item, it has to be a helmet. For helmets, you have two options. You can either get a jet helmet (leaving the jaw exposed) or a full-face helmet (best protection). We will always recommend a full-face helmet seeing as 9 out of 10 times that you fall you will most likely land with your jaw. It only makes sense to have it covered.

Below I will list all the extra Zero 10x gear and accessories I recommend buying:

  • Full Face Affordable Helmet | This is the best option if you are tight on budget. An absolute must for every rider.
  • Full Face Best Helmet | This helmet provides maximum safety. If budget is not an issue, proceed with this helmet.
  • Scooter Jacket  | Again, another very important piece of safety equipment. You are reaching motorcycle speeds, why not wear motorcycle equipment?
  • 10 x 3-inch Off-road Tires and Tubes | Much better traction for off-road and also urban use. You can also forget about flat tires.
  • Extra Affordable Headlight | This is the best option if you are tight on budget.
  • Extra Best Headlight | This is the most robust option. 1600 Lumens lights that will illuminate even the darkest of roads.
  • ZERO Second Charger | A second charger that will reduce the charging time down to half.
  • Turn Signal Vest For Night  | If you are using mainly the roads, a turn signal vest is a must-have.
  • ZERO Seat Saddle | A seat for long rides. I don’t like using seats on my scooter, but some do. Installation is easy.
  • Mirror for Rear View | Again, if you plan to use the scooter on roads, you should have a rearview mirror. This solution is great for escooters.
  • Foldable Handlebar | A Zero 10x compatible handlebar. It folds, making the scooter easier to fit in tight spaces.
  • Scooter Lock | Keep in mind that if you get a good rating Kryptonite lock (like the one in this link), you can get it insured online and if the lock is broken, they’ll cover the costs!
  • Hydraulic Brakes | If you prefer even better braking on your scooter, these hydraulic brakes are all you need. Installation requires some easy tools.
  • Deck decoration non-slip pads | Purely decorational modification. It only changes the look of your deck.


All in all, this is a high-performance scooter which is appreciated by the appropriate target group. The price tag is leaning towards the high end, but it is more than justifiable taking into account what the Zero 10x provides. Always use a helmet and your protective gear, as the scooter can reach dangerous speeds. 

Take the decision, and skip the bus from now on.

Make sure to use it for its off-roading capabilities by exploring the areas just outside your city. It would be a shame not to!

What is your take on Zero 10x? Do you think it is only suited for experienced riders, or beginners also? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!


ZERO 10X 24Ah

ZERO 10X 60V


52V 18Ah

52V 24Ah

60V 21Ah

Top Speed

35-38 MPH

35-38 MPH

45 MPH


35-38 Miles

55-60 Miles

50 Miles

Single/Dual Motor

2 X 1000

2 X 1000

2 X 1000
10 x 3 inch

10 x 3 inch

10 x 3 inch


Front and Rear Spring Hydraulic Suspension

Front and Rear Spring Hydraulic Suspension

Front and Rear Spring Hydraulic Suspension
Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
80 lbs

80 lbs

80 lbs

Max Load

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  1. Great review!!
    I’m looking at buying a Zero 10x for this summer, and this was an excellent read. I’m 50 years of age which probably puts me at the older end of the buying market for this particular scooter. But I’ve owned lots of dirt bikes growing up, and I’d rather buy something that’s too fast than not enough. The only issue I see is keeping the local authorities at bay. I live in a small town in Canada, and I’m sure as eco friendly as this is, the police will likely be all over me in no time. I guess they’ll have to catch me first, lol!! Anyway, thanks for this. Very informative.
    Cheers, Phil

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