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How To Ride An Electric Scooter: Simple Hacks That You Should Know!

Scooting is one of the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly forms of transport available. Short commutes can be made easy with the right scooter and it’s a great way of keeping up with the kids.

But how do you ride a kick scooter or even an electric scooter? 

How do you play scooter? As is the lingo in some countries.

Electric scooter riding doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why today we will look at some of the most important aspects of riding.

How To Ride An Electric Scooter - Table Of Contents

In this section you’ll learn how to break on a scooter. Here are 3 steps to master so that you can adapt to any situation:

  1. Adopting the correct posture
  2. Controlling your speed
  3. Breaking on unstable ground
Adopting the correct posture

When riding on flat ground with your feet on the deck always keep one foot behind the break so that you can access it easily should you need to stop quickly if you want to stop suddenly in contact with the ground and press hard to break.

how to brake a scooter

When descending Hills always keep one foot covering the brake and shift your weight to was the back of the day finally check your back will regularly and alter the smoothness of your right or you’re breaking

Controlling your speed

While you are rolling be attentive to your environment. Observe the road well especially pedestrians, cars and any obstacles. Ride at a moderate speed rather than accelerating and braking abruptly. In addition, learn to brake gradually and avoid pressing down the brake sharply to avoid skidding or falling

Braking on unstable ground

On gravel or wet and dusty surfaces, the brake can’t function properly. For the most effective braking reduce your speed beforehand and anticipate your stop well, then break by placing a foot flat on the ground and gradually pushing down harder until you come to a stop

The pavement is the most common obstacle when travelling on your scooter so practice a lot, in order to ride with ease.

In this section you will learn to cross the sidewalk on your scooter.

  1. Ascending pavement
  2. Descending pavement
Ascending pavement

When you need to ascend a curve while scooting, try to aim for the point where the curve is at its lowest.

Just before ascending the curve keep a consistent speed and place a foot on and the ground, press it down lightly and simultaneously pull the handle bars upwards to lift the scooter off the ground.


If you are more advanced you can also do this without placing your foot on the ground.

Be careful not to approach the curve at an angle, as you risk skidding.

Maintain sufficient speed. Pull the handlebars upwards keeping your front wheel straight as it comes off the ground.

Descending pavement

Before descending observe the route you’re going to take, to ensure that it’s safe.

If the pavement is sufficiently low hold your speed, grasp the handlebars firmly and descend  keeping both feet on the deck.

iI the pavement is not low, during the moment you’ll descend, lightly pull upward on the handlebars to lift the front wheel and keep the  scooter as parallel to the ground as possible finally let the back will roll over the curve holding the handlebars firmly while the wheels return to the ground.

In this section you’re going to find some advice on how to get to run safely on a scooter.

When on your scooter, be aware that you are not a pedestrian so respect the rules, use your common sense and be prudent.

Don’t ride with excessive speed and always be ready to brake. Don’t slalom between people, or force them to move. Respect traffic lights and use pedestrian crossings when you cross the road.

If you briefly look left or right while rolling be careful to keep your front wheel straight to avoid folding or colliding with a pedestrian.

In general while scooting always be aware and learn to anticipate. Observe your environment attentively: the quality of the ground, potential obstacles and the movement of people in cars around you. Then adapt your behavior accordingly.

Finally, if you have to go in the road use bicycle paths and respect the rules of the road.

If you ride a fast electric scooter always use the bicycle paths, as using the pavement can be dangerous for the pedestrians.

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